Facing the Unknown

I am not the only mom that has worries. Not the only mom that has cried herself to sleep over her children. I do not stand alone when I hold my baby tight and plead "please, please God take it away, make him better". Us moms long for perfection with our Children's health. We would be willing to take there pain and tears if we could. 

About a month ago I told you everything was fine with Elias concerning what we thought were seizures. The doctor told us we were in the clear, but to keep an eye on it.  Since then we've been doing just that, and also some research. The more I read, I was faced with the reality that Elias might be having Infantile Spasms, a type of seizure found in babies with mental handicaps. I was devastated, but I knew I couldn't just sit around and cry. We changed his diet a bit, started giving him some low-impact supplements, and made an appointment with a neurologist. 

Tomorrow we will see the neurologist and to be honest, I am scared. Scared because it is the unknown and sometimes the unknown can be devastating.

All this said, I want you to know that I have hope. A hope that is greater than the neurologist or medicine. I have hope in God who created and designed Elias' brain. I trust that the unknown is in God's hands and He wants what's best for us and Elias.

Today we face the unknown, but we do not live in fear.



© 2014 Natalie Falls