Just a Taste

It's coming. The website I've been dreaming about is almost here! My sewing passion really has nothing to do with sewing. It has to do with my boys, my nieces and nephews, my friends kids, and your kids. It is all about embracing uniqueness, because every kid is unique. I've gone as far as making my coffee experience unique! 

Cojees, is made up of my heart. No really! After I had Elias and we didn't know where our lives were going, I needed to do something that mattered. I wanted to encourage other parents that were having babies with Down Syndrome and feeling overwhelmed. I wanted to make a difference in the number of DS babies that are being terminated. Many times I have sat down to sew and I become emotional thinking about the passion I have to make a change for these sweet babes. Cojees is an expression of me embracing life and enjoying all its fine details.

It's coming. I just want to give you a little something to be excited about...



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