Meet Ella

Has anyone ever captured your heart, In the "where have you been all my life" kinda way? It only took one play date for me to fall in love with Ella Grace. Ella has been battling Leukemia for the past year and you wouldn't know it. We can all learn from Ella, she loves life no matter what her past circumstances were. Denise is one of my new heroes. She is so proud of her baby girl and she has made the most of life while going through the roller coaster of chemo therapy. Denise was put through a storm, but she was strengthened as each lightening bolt struck and she is now a better mom for it. 

Nobody likes going through difficult times, but we know the outcome makes us stronger. When we embrace the unknown we come out with different eyes. We see life in a not-so-perfect way and we are forced to grab hold of reality. Sometimes a reality check helps us breathe a little deeper, kiss a little longer, and sing a little louder. Life is good. Thanks Ella for reminding us of that.



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