A Day With the Ducks

When my boys are stoked on life, I am right there with them. When my boys are sad or something is wrong, everything within me aches with them. It's the best thing about being a parent and the most difficult. 

The duck pond was a precious day. Vitali talked to the ducks about his legos, yelled at them in excitement with only words he could understand, and showed off his spider man skills to everyone passing by. Elias could hardly take it! He sat there and waved his arms, yelled, and blew raspberries until all the ducks waddled away. 

There is nothing more beautiful than watching a child explore the wonderment of life. I am reminded by these little eyes how to see things in a simple way, and if I am ever excited to just "let go" and blow raspberries!



© 2014 Natalie Falls