Sweet Addictions

My mom had the great idea of getting some of my favorite women together! These times are good, so good you crave for the next moment with them. They are little tastes of goodness that keep you coming for more, like a box of Sees candies or a carton of java chip ice cream… you NEED to come back for more.

I want my life to be full of sweet addictions. The kind that inspire me to live my life and not hold anything back. My addictions are in the form of a cup of coffee with my husband as we talk about our dreams and goals, waking up to my babies in bed with me, sending a package to a friend that needs a little boost in life. I got more! Quietly leaving the house after I put the boys down to grab a good conversation with my sister, mommy and son dates,  a Down Syndrome baby being born into the world, saying i love you with the deepest part of your soul. 

Life can be hard, it throws curve balls that smack us in the face. Sometimes we feel at the end of our rope and that's when we have the opportunity to turn our head and embrace what is good. Life is too short to ignore the sweet addictions… indulge!

What are your sweet addictions, I'd love to know...



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