A scare, a deep breath, a sigh of relief…

I want to be a good mom, I want to know my kids. I listen and I watch to see if they are ever in danger or need their mommy to kiss their boo boo. Our doctor visits usually consist of a runny nose that has gone on for too long or the typical shot. 

Last week we were at my parents house for dinner and Elias had a mannerism that just wasn't right. I picked him up and said "no baby don't do that", I thought he had had a little seizure. Aaron and I have been watching, logging, praying, and reading trying to figure out what he was doing. After a week of feeling traumatized and wondering what the beginning of this new year would hold for our little Elias, we took him to the doctor to get the "ok" to see the neurologist. The night before our doc appointment I overheard Aaron singing "It is well with my soul" while he cradled Elias in his arms. We were scared. 

Making a long story short, the Doc said he doesn't think Elias is having seizures but it is probably self stimulation (stemming). It hit me, again, our child has down syndrome and there is so much we don't know about it. Elias is going to do things that wouldn't be expected of a typical child and to be honest, I love it. I am excited for the moments when my son is "socially inappropriate" and I get to join in with him! Maybe it's a good reminder that we all need to lighten up a bit and act a little odd, ya know just to keep everyone on their toes! Elias is enjoying life, and what the heck, Im gonna join in with him!

My favorite part of the Dr. visit was Elias growling and everyone trying not to stare too much. I began to growl back, and bite him! We both laughed and growled and everyone starred, it was great. Who knows how long they were waiting, we figured they needed a little entertainment!

Today we needed to celebrate, so we had a coffee/juice date with our sweet friends.



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