A New Year!

Its a New Year, the mark of a new beginning. It's time for courage and boldness, hard work and doing whatever it takes. It's a year for a family vacation and the guitar my husband's been saving up for. Its a time to thank God for all he has accomplished and the strength he has given us in this last year and move forward with all we have learned. We hope to pick others up when they are tired and ready to give up. We hope that our family will give joy to other people.

New Years day we celebrated with a little girl that means so much to our family, Jocelyn Rose. (http://www.thehuthfamily.blogspot.com) Jocelyn was born a month after Elias. We met her about 6 months ago at our down syndrome support group with her incredible parents and big sis. We are so blessed to know that we have a New Year with this family. I love the pic of the 4 moms showing off our babies, we are so proud of them! We know each other in a deep way and we look forward to growing together over this year. 

Happy New Year to you!



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