Christmas Marathon!

We decided that we like marathons if they involve a lot of really good food. I can't help it, but when I think of family get-togethers I picture a big juicy piece of meat next to it. The holidays always contain the art of fine cooking and we never hesitate to be a part of that!

Besides picturing meat next to our family members… we also felt giddy that we could spend such a fun holiday with our families and our boys. We try not to take for granted what we have. We are blessed to have wonderful parents and siblings, nieces and nephews, and our little guys. All these moments are too rich to pass up. We tried to soak up every conversation, smile, card, present, and hug. Life is full of uncertainties but what we know to be certain is now, it's right in front of us and it would be a shame to let it pass by.

Enjoy your New Years Eve! We will, and it will probably be with tears, Laughter, and of course dancing!



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