Holiday Cheer!

It's a crazy time of year, but man it's fun! I've realized that I don't have as much energy as I would like to. Between Christmas  choir practices, Christmas parties, and all the psychos on the road, I get this deep desire to go home and sip on eggnog with my family and just chill. Our favorite part of this year is listening to Vitali tell us that Christmas is about Jesus. He thinks it's fun to twist the story and say that Jesus mom's name is Joseph. He gets a good laugh out of that one and we do too! 

We are blessed to have such amazing family and friends to celebrate this time of year. We love our Christmas cards hanging on our wall reminding us of the beautiful people in our lives. We talk about our friends across the country and across the world and wish we could have a moment of sipping eggnog with them. It is 6 days till Christmas and life is good. We have our dear ones and we have hope. A hope that has given us rest and peace beyond understanding.

Have a wonderful Christmas and find someone to sip on eggnog with!



© 2014 Natalie Falls