11 months!

Elias is 11 months and loving every minute of it, and we are too! This month is a big one, he got his first tooth. He is tired of smelling delicious food and settling for the pureed stuff, he is ready for his chompers. 

Another big accomplishment this month is Elias going under water in his swim class. I count to 3 and he holds his breath to go under. He usually comes up with a big smile and his hair all slicked back. 

Elias loves talking with his family, he even throws in subtle laughs to let us know that what he's talking about is funny and we should be laughing to. Oh man, we love this little guy! Elias reminds us to have joy in all circumstances (unless we're hungry:), and to take each day as it comes. Elias is the life of the party in our home... and oh do we party!



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