Celebration Month!

October is a great month. Not only do we get to celebrate 3 birthdays in our family (Aaron, my mom, and niece) but we also get to celebrate Elias and all his buddies! October is down syndrome awareness month, I had no idea of this until Elias was born. I have always thought people with down syndrome were cool, but now I think they're really cool! My appreciation for them is deep, so deep it hurts. I know that God has a purpose for them and I am confident He has things to teach us through their lives. 
As Elias' first birthday approaches I think of how hard he as been working this year. He loves his life and he wouldn't want to change anything about it! Did you know that if we were to look at the "numbers" Elias had a 1 in 10 chance of survival. 10% chance not because he was physically to weak to survive but because 93% percent of down syndrome babies are terminated by their parents. Wow, talk about awareness! When I first read that I thought it was a typo, and then the more I read the more I saw those numbers were true. I don't tell you this information to make you sad but instead to appreciate and love on the down syndrome people who are alive!
Down syndrome can be intimidating because it is the unknown. Aaron and I were scared when we were first given the news about Elias. Now we think our son is amazing and we couldn't live without him. We still have our moments of feeling scared for the future but we are trying to focus on today. Today was a beautiful day with Elias, I can't imagine it any different. Aaron and I feel blessed that Elias was given to us. Vitali feels pretty blessed too, He loves taking care of his brother. 
When you see a down syndrome person while you are out, don't be intimidated by them but instead take a moment to appreciate them. If you think about it, it's pretty incredible that they are alive!



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