10 months!

What can I say, these 10 months have been amazing with our precious Elias! Aaron and I aren't excited to see too many people at 5:30 in the morning, but we welcome Elias.

This month Elias has figured out how to stay on his knees after we put him in position, he'll even rock a little. He has gotten extremely demanding when it comes to his food. We are working on signing "more" and for the first time today he mimicked me with his hands.

Elias likes watching TV but I don't let him watch more than two 30 minute videos in a day. He doesn't agree with the amount I let him watch so he takes care of that. Usually when I'm preoccupied with Vitali, Elias will roll over to the TV and headbutt, lick, and kick it until he can turn it on!

He makes us laugh so much already. Elias and Vitali are the best of buddies, they roll around like little puppies on the floor and laugh at each other. I think I say this every month, we are so thankful for Elias and his life, I don't know what we would do without him.



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