Today and tomorrow

We are learning to trust in God for the promises He has given us today. I admit it is not easy, and we have had difficult days. The only comfort we have found is when we are resting in Christ.  

I found this poem in a devotional that a friend gave me...

There's a stream of trouble across my path;
It is dark and deep and wide.
Bitter the hour the future hath 
When I cross its swelling tide.
But I smile and sing and say:
'I will hope and trust alway;
I'll bear the sorrow that comes tomorrow,
But I'll borrow none today.'
Tomorrow's bridge is a dangerous thing;
I dare not cross it now.
I can see its timbers sway and swing,
And its arches reel and bow.
O heart, you must hope alway;
You must sing and trust and say:
'I'll  bear the sorrow that comes tomorrow,
 But I'll borrow none today.'
—Hannah Wihtall Smith

"The eagle that soars at great altitudes does not worry about how it will cross a river." (Streams In The Desert, p. 226)




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