The newest addition!

Trinity Noel Shultz is here! We are so blessed to welcome her into our family. She is so thoughtful of everyone already, she waited for her mommy to finish homeschooling, her daddy to finish finals, and came during the day so we could all sleep at night! Aaron and I are excited to be a part of her life and help nurture her in any way we can. We are thankful that our boys get to be a part of her life too... who knows, she might talk Vitali and Elias into painting their nails!

Trinity was born at home. She was 8.8 lbs and 20 in, born at 8:07 pm. She was my first home birth I have watched, what an amazing experience!  Christin was an elegant warrior and I am so proud of her. She is a mom to be admired and for many women to look up to, how awesome that she's my sister!   



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