6 months!

Elias is a 17 1/2 pound, 27 inch long bundle of love!  Aaron, Vitali, myself and the rest of our family are so proud of how he is growing.  Elias is enjoying life and he has given us a more enjoyable life!  A highlight of this month is Elias learning how to clap his hands and hold toys in each hand while knocking them together!  We are also in preparation for Elias to start eat eating solids.  As you can see in the picture, Vitali is stimulating Elias' gums and tongue with what looks like a tooth brush with rubber bristles.  Vitali makes sure that he gets a turn stimulating his mouth too!  We have also been enjoying our time with Maria, Elias' teacher.  Maria brings over all kinds of fun toys and gives us great ideas to "entertain" Elias with.  
I can't believe Elias is already celebrating his half birthday.  In the last 6 months he has brought our family closer than we have ever been.  We adore his precious life and wouldn't trade him in for anything... just writing this makes me want to wake him up and cuddle with him!  



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