Life Is Good

Yesterday was good, refreshing. After going through pictures of the sweet moments that were captured, I felt inspired. I am more passionate about living life today than I was at the beginning of October. The topics I've written about, the friends i've made, and the people i've discovered have overwhelmed me with joy.

Have I ever told you that I want to change the world? Well I do. I have a place that I share my voice, my passion, my soul. I've learned too much to be silent.

The intensity of my love keeps me awake at night. I have one life and there is so much to learn, experience, and tell.

Today we lived. We climbed volcanoes, saddled up horses, and became better friends.

Some may wonder if I am dissatisfied with my life, or if I would change it if I could. I never knew my life could be this good. Dissatisfaction and change are the furthest from my mind.


© 2014 Natalie Falls